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Quality Eye Care and Precision Vision Correction in Atlanta

At Karoo, we provide the exceptional eye care services that will improve the health of your vision. At our eye care center in Atlanta, GA, we believe in living life wide open through better vision, fashionable eyewear, and exceptional eye care services. Whether you need beautiful eyewear or comprehensive eye exams, we are ready and willing to serve you.
Our frames are designed with high-impact laminate construction so they can withstand whatever adventure you throw at them. For the all-important lenses, we utilize the most precise engineering techniques as well as some advanced coatings to ensure flawless vision correction in any condition. Lastly, our Karoos look absolutely fantastic! We believe in functionality and design and we’ve created eyewear that succeeds at both. It’s simple, when you need to improve your eyesight with durable eyewear, while looking good, you need Karoos.  
We also provide comprehensive eye exams that ensure your total eye health. Through our exams, we look for potential eye diseases that can undermine the health of your vision and cause long-term problems. Additionally, we can determine your proper prescription and the overall health of your eyesight. 
Need new glasses or an exam? Then visit us today or call us at (404) 875-2766 to schedule your exam.

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item imageNerd out in your Karoos!We definitely nerded out creating them. We designed our Karoo frames with a high-impact triple laminate construction so that they can take whatever your adventure throws at them (or wherever you may accidentally throw them). For the all-important lenses, we use only the most precise engineering techniques, as well as a number of advanced coatings to ensure flawless vision correction in any conditions. Oh yeah, and they look great too! Who said smart can't be sexy?

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